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"I have a newly formed MCSE training center and needed help in choosing the training materials and products for my students. My institute can't afford high training costs. Thanks to Pass4Sure for providing detailed insights into MCSE prep materials and a huge discount on buying. My institution rocks as the students pass the exams in first attempt. Thanks Pass4Sure"

Mike Dow
(MCSE Training Instructor)

"At Pass4Sure Reseller program managing the customer and account is zero effort. I always recommend new products and make the extra money to complete my college education."


"Pass4Sure claim to have top rated products. I gave it a try by marketing them and got the better response than expected. The products have easy access and excellent results. I sell the products at the price I choose and have hundreds of happy customers. Thanks"


Frequently Asked Questions

How does the reseller's program work?

The Pass4Sure Reseller program is a state of the art program designed to put you in control of Pass4Sure products and services, and then you can market theses products and services to your contacts or clients. In this reseller program Pass4Sure will sell you products /services at a wholesale rate *, and permits you to make money by charging whatever fee you desire from your clients/contacts.

* The Pass4Sure Reseller program makes use of the Wholesale Rate system. When you become a Pass4Sure Reseller you will be responsible for paying the price of the products/services and then you can sell these immediately. In this system you purchase points from your Admin Control Panel, and use these points to make purchases of products and services.

In the Pass4Sure Reseller system one point is equal to one dollar. However, the benefit lies when you receive a 15% Pass4Sure Reseller Reward for each funding transaction. When funding your Pass4Sure Reseller account for $300.00 or 300 points, you will actually receive 345 points after the transaction is complete, thus achieving a Wholesale Rate. Rewards very from 15% to 30% based on the amount of payment.

If you are a top performing Pass4Sure Resellers or when there are special events throughout the year, Pass4Sure additional discounts or offers may also trigger additional points being added to your Pass4Sure Reseller account.

Upon the need for a refund of any unused money you have deposited into your Pass4Sure Reseller account, you will be refunded based upon the amount of points purchased (dollars paid), not based on the number of points in your account. Funding your account for $300.00 and then requesting a refund will not gain you $345.00, based on the 345 points you will have accrued. It will gain you $300.00 based on the amount you actually have paid.

As a Pass4Sure Reseller, you are responsible for the sale and initial care of any customers you sell to. Once a product has been activated, Pass4Sure will provide technical and customer support for any services, if you desire, at no additional charge.

Pass4Sure Reseller deposits funds into a Pass4Sure Reseller account and then can access products for resale through those funds. Pass4Sure also provides the facility to Re-seller to pre-load your account making ordering and distribution quick or you can simply add funds as needed before each sale.

A Pass4Sure Reseller account is an attractive and generous offer used by people or business in direct communication or immediate contact with the final customer. To open or maintain a Pass4Sure seller account, you don't need to be a website owner but you are required to have internet access and a funding source, such as a Credit Card or PayPal account.

How is it different from the affiliates program?

The Pass4Sure Reseller account is specifically designed for businesses or people in the position of dealing with the end user on a one-on-one scenario. A Pass4Sure Reseller is responsible solely for the Pass4Sure product promotion and facilitates the sale of products, as well as delivery of the product or service on his/her own. Resellers have a free hand to charge any amount they desire for Pass4Sure products. Being a member of the Pass4Sure Reseller Program there are no limits to the number or products or clients that the Pass4Sure Reseller can administer.

Pass4Sure Affiliates are mostly internet marketing specialists or web site owners who want to capitalize on the Pass4Sure brand name by directing traffic through the use of affiliate links and banners, to the Pass4Sure web site. Based on the final sale commissions are paid to the customers. The final sale is assisted and facilitated by Pass4Sure. There is no limit to the number of visitors you can send to Pass4Sure, so no limit to the commissions earned.

Which program is right for me?

Pass4Sure Reseller program is absolutely suited for you if you are in the position to communicate with potential customers and hold the power to direct them towards products that will best suit their needs/interests.

In case you are a web site owner, contributing member of a technical forum, a blogger, or an internet marketing specialist then the Pass4Sure Affiliate program is best suited for you.

As a Pass4Sure Reseller you will be creating revenue from the markup in product prices from the Pass4Sure wholesale price. Pass4Sure will sell you products at a huge discounted price but you solely determine how much to charge from your clients. Once you become a Pass4Sure Affiliate you will earn huge commissions based on sales made from the traffic you send to the Pass4Sure web site.

Both Pass4Sure programs have excellent earning potential however they are divided along the lines of customer contact. If you have the capability and influence to facilitate the sales of Pass4Sure product the earning potential of the Reseller program unlimited. If you opt for a passive approach and have no desire to actively participate in sales then earning 15%+ commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links is more appropriate.

Is there a fee for joining?

No. For joining the Pass4Sure Reseller program, there is absolutely no fee. None the less you will be required to deposit funds into your Pass4Sure Reseller account so you are able to make purchases from the Pass4Sure wholesale store.

To participate in the Pass4Sure Reseller program, Pass4Sure will not charge you a membership fee or dues of any kind. You are however responsible for any fees arising from your internet service provider, web host, bank, or other institution that enables you to be in business for yourself.

Why must I make a deposit?

Pass4sure ensures a very easy, successful payment process and delivery of services to your client. We remove the agonizing steps of making separate payments for each and every transaction you make. After your initial deposit of $300.00 USD or more, you can make additional payments for any amount you desire to anticipate upcoming sales.

Pass4Sure has third party processor and fraud department to handle the initial deposit made into your Pass4Sure Reseller account ensuring that as the Reseller, and Pass4Sure as your distributor, you are protected from the complications of charge backs, fraud and identity theft.

Who holds on to my deposit? How do I know it's safe?

Deposits and unused funds from deposits are stored in an escrow account. This enables Pass4Sure to provide funds immediately as necessary to reverse charges, make refunds, and to settle balances on closing accounts.

Can I get my deposit back? How and When?

Your deposit is immediately added to the funds that you will use to purchase Pass4Sure products/services. In case there is 30 days of inactivity any unused portion of your deposit is returnable.

Please contact in case you need funds returned from your account or have special needs or conditions for immediate assistance and options will be made available for releasing any unused funds in your Pass4Sure Reseller account.

How do I pay for products I purchase to resell?

The Pass4Sure Reseller administration panel manages the products that you purchase. Through this administration panel you have the ability to create new user profiles for your customers. Once you have started the customers creation process you can assign Pass4Sure products and services to their new accounts. When you add these products your Pass4sure Reseller account will be debited for the amount for the wholesale price for each product or service added.

You must have ample funds in your Pass4Sure Reseller account in order to provide access to a product/service to your client.

Are greater discounts available for greater volume?

Pass4Sure rewards good performance on many levels in both the Pass4Sure Reseller and Pass4Sure Affiliate programs. If you are anticipating a large sale, or are constantly making a large quantity of purchases/sales, then we absolutely want to talk about more lucrative options that are reciprocally beneficial.

If you think you are excelling as a Pass4Sure Reseller and we have not contacted you, please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss performance bonuses or options. Send an email with a brief introduction to

Will I incur any risk of loss?

No. At Pass4Sure there is no risk of loss regarding your deposits and funds held for product buying. There is also no risk of loss regarding the Pass4Sure Guarantee, as Pass4Sure ensures to supply with any necessary substitute tests or exam materials.

However, you are the only one who determines the amount to charge from the clients. In case you decide to set your prices lesser than the wholesale price, or if you incur processing charges, and you have not marked up your products, then you will begin to run a negative trend in your accounting.

For example, if Pass4Sure sells you a Questions and Answers product for $25.00 and you decide to sell the product to a customer for $15.00 then you have in effect created a negative cash flow for yourself of $10.00. Pass4Sure is not responsible for regulating or checking your pricing. In fact, Pass4Sure has no way to check your prices whatsoever. It's totally up to you to charge more than the Pass4Sure retail prices, or nothing at all.

Will I have to provide customer support?

Pass4Sure Resellers provides all of the pre-sales support to its clients. After the sale has gone through, and you become a Pass4Sure Customer, the technical Support Specialists are ready to assist your clients, or you with products, services and maintenance.

In case your client's products are near expiry, it is your responsibility to renew that product with them, rather than have them renew their products through the Pass4Sure web site. Your attentive intervention and communication with your clients is the ultimate key to maintain your relationship and enhance your earning potential.

Pass4Sure will fulfil the Guarantee and will provide basic customer support and technical assistance to the clients. If you do not wish to have Pass4Sure provide customer support, or communicate with your customer then you will need to make certain that your customer is aware of your intention to handle all support - and Pass4Sure will assist you in providing support to them behind the scenes.

What happens if one of my customers fails exam?

If one of your customers fails their exam, Pass4Sure will honour the promise of 100% Pass Guarantee. Pass4Sure will either make available through you a comparable product, or credit your account the proper amount of funds to supply the product replacement. You are required to fulfil this commitment if they indeed fail and request the redistribution. Every customer who fails an attempt and wants a replacement product must provide the proper verification and proof that they took the exam, where, and evidence of their failing score.

How are the products delivered to me?

Pass4Sure products/services are accessed from within a registered Pass4sure Reseller Account. Using your Pass4sure reseller account you can create new Pass4sure user accounts. Products and services you allocate to these users will appear in the Pass4sure User Center of each new user/customer at

Except through the administration panel you will have no access to the products that your customers purchase.

Allocated products immediately debit your account and begin the activation timer which is tied directly with the expiration date.

How do I deliver products to my customers?

As a Pass4Sure Reseller you have the facility to use the administration panel to create/edit user accounts of your customers. Through the panel you are also able to provide access to new products and services, or extend/renew existing products and services with the funds in your Pass4Sure Reseller account.

Allocated products can be then accessed by the end user/customer through the Pass4sure User Center created for them at the Pass4Sure web site. To gain access to their products and services, the customer uses the same username and password that you have created for them. In addition the Pass4Sure site will send them an email message providing them with their account activation information.

The Pass4Sure User Center keeps a running control on remaining time in a product subscription. Whenever, a Pass4Sure product or service is about to expire, the user will be alerted and for a 40% discount can also extend their subscription by three months. If a Pass4Sure product or service has not expired yet, it can still be renewed for three months, also at a 40% discount. Pass4Sure provides the facility to extend or renew your product through you the Pass4Sure Reseller, or through the Pass4Sure web site. If a customer chooses to renew through Pass4Sure website you are not rewarded. The responsibility lies with you to make certain your customer is aware of the fact that they should repurchase products through you, and not the regular Pass4Sure system.

How do I get started?

Through a very easy process to become a Pass4Sure Reseller simply fill out the application form and use a valid email address. After your account is created, you will be required to make an initial deposit of $300.00 USD or more into the Pass4Sure Reseller account. As soon as the first deposit has been made, you can immediately begin creating and distributing user accounts and Pass4Sure products and services.

If you have any questions regarding the Pass4Sure Reseller program, or are having difficulty setting up your account, for thorough assistance please contact

Do my customers have to access the Pass4Sure site to get their products?

Yes, like all other customers products and services are accessed the first time through the Pass4Sure web site. Later after the download they can continue to access the product or service from the executable files installed on their PC. Pass4Sure products when self-updating will continue to attempt to access the Pass4Sure site or servers for updated materials. This is done in the background without the use of a web browser.

Do I need to own a website to have a reseller account?

No. Pass4Sure Resellers DO NOT need to own a web site. In fact, most Pass4Sure Resellers find that human-to-human communication is the easiest method to setting up their client for the sale and delivering their final product information.

Is there a markup limit I have to maintain? Can I sell products at ANY price I choose?

As a Pass4Sure Reseller you have entire control over the price of your Pass4Sure products/services. Most Pass4Sure Resellers price their products just below the Pass4Sure retail prices on the web site, which encourages new customers to purchase from them instead of Pass4Sure directly.

You can charge as little or as much as you like from your customers, however your wholesale price will not change based on the price you determine to sell at. Pass4Sure does not check up or control on your rates you choose to settle on.

Do my reseller clients pay me, or pay Pass4Sure?

Your Pass4Sure Reseller clients will be responsible for paying you directly. So you can accept funds any way you determine. Products are debited from your Pass4Sure Reseller account upon allocation provided you have sufficient funds in your account. Therefore you have prepaid for the products you are about to sell to your customers. If a client decides to pay Pass4Sure directly for products and services, they become a Pass4Sure client and are not administrated by you. If you are not able to process payments, or cannot maintain pre-sales customer support, then the Pass4Sure Affiliate account may be better suited for you - while still earning a 15%+ commission on the sales (if they are directed to the Pass4Sure web site through your Pass4Sure Affiliate links or banners).

Do I get any benefit for referring other resellers?

Definite Yes, Pass4Sure does reward referrals of new resellers. If you would like to refer a reseller to us, please email to discuss your account and the new reseller you would like to have join.

I have signed up but I have some further questions who do I contact regarding help?

First of all, Welcome Aboard! If you are having difficulties, first read the contents of the Pass4Sure Reseller FAQ. If you continue to have questions that are unanswered or just need some personal guidance, please fill out the Contact Us form or email us at and we will reply to you ASAP.

When a Pass4Sure representative contacts you back, you may need to supply him/her with the username or email address you used creating the Pass4Sure Reseller account - please have that information available when you contact us. A Pass4Sure Representative will never ask you for your password.
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